eh"For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck
   and write  better than I can."
     -Ernest Hemingway
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  बिखरते गाँव

food for thought *
Merger of Associate Banks

There always was a time, however, none better than this to ask a few questions of the powers opposing the merger of the Associate Banks...
* Unrequited Emotions

Miffed by the ways of the vicious world? Let loose those verses in your mind....
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Copyright U. S. Pandey 2010

The rest is silence.
So many people  
know each other
except you and me;

blowing in vain
like the wind so clear
the window pane.

              (Unrequited Emotions)

What was once a dull, perennial  swishing of  feathers has turned into a deafening flutter of wings as the days topple over each other in their race to oblivion. I pause and ponder now and then but fail to muster heart enough to add more to this. Do come back, though. You never know when in a sudden burst of outpouring the rest of the soliloquy will have been completed....           
                        (The Soliloquy)

I am equally touched by the emotions of those speculating whether I toppled off a cliff trying to capture a perfect sunset and have become feast unto the eagles, or my foot lost hold of an aging parapet and the fall blew my head into an unrecognizable mess, forcing the police to donate the body to the local medical college for a small fee....
                         (While I be the Banker)